Updated : 19-Aug-2016


Wifi connection procedure:

  • Select the network: Saint_Louis_University :
  • Input the password that is posted on signs throughout the University.
  • All users are required to accept the Terms&Conditions listed in the window displayed upon successful connection to the WiFi network.
  • Upon accepting the Terms&Conditions, you will be redirected to http://www.slu.edu/madrid
  • You will henceforward able navigate to any desired web page.

Special considerations:  

  • It is necessary to navigate to a random web page before using a computer program other than a web browser (e.g. an email client, or apps such as WhatsApp, Twitter, etc.).
  • Most devices will automatically launch the hotspot window with the Terms&Conditions; however, some devices do not.  If you are not redirected automatically, you need to open up a browser and navigate to a random web page.
  • All users are automatically disconnected from the network after 75 minutes. 
  • Due to the infrastructure setup of the three buildings, you may lose connection when walking from one building to another and your device may not reconnect automatically.
  • If you have been disconnected, the only way you can regain access is by reconnecting your device and accepting the Terms&Conditions once again.


I have connected to the wifi hotspot; why does my browser give me a page load error when I try to navigate to a web page?

Many web browsers save frequently visited pages so that they load more quickly and save bandwidth. You need to remove you browsing history (cookies) before connecting.

Alternatively, you may try to visit a web page that you have not visited before.

My phone or tablet shows that I am connected to the WiFi network.  Why are my apps not able to access the internet?

You are connected to the network, but you have not gone to the log on web page and accepted the terms of service. Open a browser, try to navigate to a website and the Terms&Conditions page should pop up.

All of my friends can connect just fine, why am I not able to connect to WiFi?

Make sure that your device is not set to a non-standard configuration (such as a fixed IP or custom network authentication settings).

I have tried everything but I am still unable connect to the University’s WiFi network.  What should I do?

Please take note of what kind of device you are using and which applications you were using when you failed to connect, and send an email to support-madrid@slu.edu or stop by the IT Office (basement of Padre Arupe Hall) during office hours.