Updated : 21-Apr-2010

Information Technology FAQ

My account is missing. How can I get one?

Student computer accounts are made available at the beginning of the Student Orientation Session and Faculty computer accounts are created upon request from division directors.

SLU Net ID's are provisioned by the St. Louis campus at the time of successful enrollment (Students) and at the time of employment (Faculty and Staff).

Your SLU Net ID is your unique SLU username. It is the same as your SLU e-mail address before the @slu.edu. If you are not sure what your e-mail address is, visit http://www.slu.edu/peoplefinder and search for your name. Your default SLU Net password is "Id" followed by the last six digits of your Banner ID. For example, if your Banner ID is 000123456, then your default password is Id123456.

Do I have to change my default mySLU password?

The University requires that all users change their initial mySLU passwords. The procedure is the following:

  1. Browse to https://password.slu.edu
  2. Log in using your SLU Net ID and default SLU Net password.
  3. Enter your current password in the 'Old password:' box.
  4. Create a new password and enter it in the 'New password:' and 'Verify Password:' boxes
  5. Click Change Password.
  6. Make sure the password change was successful. In case of problems read the password requirements before you try again.
  7. After clicking Submit, you are required to create your "Password Challenge Response Question Answers."

What if I forget my password?

If you forget you password, you may reset it yourself at https://password.slu.edu by answering the security questions.  This is the prefered way of resetting your password. If you are having trouble and this method does not work, please email ITS Madrid at support-madrid@slu.edu or ITS in St. Louis at helpdesk@slu.edu

Where can I store my files?

You may store your files in the 'Z drive' folder on any computer lab machine.You may find the  'Z drive' by opening File Explorer and navigating to 'Computer.' This folder is limited to a 75MB quota per user, per semester. If you need to store files that are larger than your disk quota, you may use Google Drive, which is included as part of your SLU Google email.

How can I guard against computer viruses?

ITS in St. Louis offers Symantec software for both Windows and Macintosh operating systems for students, staff and professors. Visit the software downloads page and you will find information on how to download the software for personal computers.

How to Reduce your Printing Costs

  • Use double-sided print when possible and where the printer allows.
  • If you need to print PowerPoint slides, consider printing 4 or 6 slides on a page, black and white only with no backgrounds. This will speed up the printing process and save your printing quota.
  • Only print what you need. Try not to print draft copies of your documents for every minor revision.
  • Check print preview to find out how many pages will be printed before sending your print job to the printer. Make sure to print only the pages you need.
  • If your print job does not print, please do not re-send it without first checking the print queue from your PC. There may be many other jobs ahead of yours or the printer may have run out of paper.
  • If you keep re-sending your document to the printer, multiple copies will be printed and deducted from your print quota. You may delete your own print jobs from the queue to prevent this from happening.
  • If you cannot wait for your print job to finish, make sure you delete it from the print queue before you log off. This will prevent the job from being printed and deducted from your Printing balance after you leave.
  • When you leave a computer system, remember to log out. If you leave your account logged in, someone else may be able to use your print quota or mis-use the Information Technology facilities under your name.

How can I get more pages if I have used up my quota?

You are assigned your entire printing quota at the beginning of the semester (600 pages in Fall and Spring, and 300 pages in Summer). It is your responsibility to manage your printing needs for the whole semester.

If your print quota runs out, you may purchase blocks of 50 pages for 5€ in the Finance Office.