Updated : 21-Apr-2010

Your SLU Email

SLU E-mail

The following code sets out what is considered acceptable behaviour for the use of your SLU e-mail.

Your student e-mail address is one of the ways by which the University communicates with you. Note that the University may use other forms of communication such as mail, but only uses a University e-mail address for sending you e-mail. Information concerning your courses and the SLU computing facilities may be sent to you throughout the year. It is your responsibility to check your e-mail regularly or ensure that your SLU mail is forwarded to an email address you check regularly. In other words, if you don't use SLU mail you must forward your SLU mail to a mail service that you do check regularly. This type of forwarding can be done online by using the web mail interface.

Your use of the University mail facilities is restricted to bona fide purposes only, i.e. those which are consequent upon the teaching, study, research, administration or any related activity occasioned by your course of study at the University.

  1. Do not subscribe your University e-mail address to list serv and newsgroups. Instead use your personal email address.
  2. Do not open any attachment without performing a virus scan before.
  3. Treat the security of e-mail messages about the same as a message on a postcard.
  4. Clean your mailbox from unwanted e-mails to conserve disk space.
  5. Do not reproduce a message in full when responding to it. This is hard for the readers, and wasteful of resources.
  6. Do not broadcast e-mail messages unnecessarily. It's very easy to do, but can be very annoying to recipients (and wastes resources). In particular, do not send or forward chain e-mail. It offends some people and is wasteful of network resources.
  7. Make sure that the 'subject' field of your message is meaningful. Where someone receives many messages, it can be very confusing and frustrating not to be able to judge the subject matter correctly from its subject field.
  8. Do not send frivolous, abusive or defamatory messages. Apart from being discourteous or offensive, they may break the law.
  9. Remember that sending e-mail from your University account is similar to sending a letter on a SLU letterhead, so don't say anything that might discredit, or bring embarrassment, to the University.