Updated : 21-Apr-2010

SLU Lab Use

SLU Computer Laboratories Code of Conduct

All students are currently provided with access to the Internet from any general purpose laboratory, and may use any of the Internet facilities and resources relevant to their coursework. However, unauthorised access to, or attempts to access, any networks or systems that you do not have a properly authorised account on, or public Internet access to, constitutes an offence under SLU-Madrid Campus Regulations and Information Technology Rules. Unauthorised access, or attempts to access, may therefore result in disciplinary measures being taken.

The laboratories are to be used solely for activities related to undertaking study at the University.

Your accounts are strictly for your own use, and you must take all reasonable precautions to prevent anyone else from using them for any purpose.

When you first log in, you should immediately change your initial password to a password that you will easily remember and that is not easy to guess or to break. For guidance on how to compose passwords, please visit the this web page.

You may use your accounts only as necessary to fulfill the requirements of your course, even if you have the capability to do otherwise.

The University reserves the right to access any files stored in the students personal areas without prior notification. Also, the University can and will delete any data stored there that is deemed inappropriate.

  1. You may not use SLU provided computers to store any data which is not required to fulfill the requirements of your course.
  2. You may not make any attempt to use any other account or folder not intended and lawfully allocated for your personal use.
  3. You must provide proof of identitification if requested to do so by any Lab Coordinator or any member of staff of the IT Department.
  4. Students who are not part of a class must leave the laboratory at the request of a lecturer who has that laboratory booked for a class.
  5. Damaging, removing, making inoperative, or making to appear inoperative equipment in any laboratory is prohibited.
  6. Smoking, eating or drinking in the laboratories is prohibited.
  7. Behaving in a way, which interferes with other users' reasonable access to, or use of, the equipment (such as by creating a disturbance, making excessive noise or entering during classes) is prohibited.
  8. You must comply with the Discipline Rules regarding harassment and intimidating behaviour.
  9. Use of the laboratories for, or in relation to, behaviour that constitutes sexual harassment including the gratuitous use or display of pictures or objects with sexual connotations is prohibited.
  10. Use of the laboratories for private gain is prohibited.
  11. The copying of any software or other data, which may be subject to copyright laws, or in contravention of licenses, under which SLU-Madrid Campus is permitted to use the software is prohibited.
  12. If a student violates any of these rules, any member of the IT staff or the Lab Coordinators may ask the person to leave the laboratories as a first disciplinary measure.