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Updated : 07-Jun-2021

Research Grants

Saint Louis University - Madrid Campus also awards two or more research grants of up to €3000 annually (current budget total: €6000). These grants are open to faculty members who will complete at least their sixth semester of teaching at SLU Madrid. Faculty who wish to apply for a research grant should provide the appropriate application (see below) to the Chair or Program Coordinator by January 1. Applications will be reviewed by the Faculty Professional Development Advisory Committee, which will make recommendations to the Academic Dean. Faculty who received research fellowships within the past three years may not apply.

The application for the Research Fellowship should include:

  • A 2-4 page description of the individual's project, to include:
1. Research questions
2. Theoretical framework/questions
3. Practical and theoretical relevance of the project
4. Methodology and work plan
5. Expected results
6. Bibliography if appropriate
  • Short CV (maximum 2 pp.)
  • Other sources of funding (if applicable)
  • Projected Budget

Faculty who receive a Research Grant must complete a written report and make a public presentation of their results. The report must be submitted by a date agreed upon by the faculty member and his/her program director or chairperson. It should be approximately 3-4 pages long and may include such items as summary of work, progress and results so far, publications or future projects that have emerged from the summer research.

The public presentation must be made no more than sixth months after the submission of the report. It may be made at the Madrid campus of the university or elsewhere in Madrid as long as it is announced to the Madrid Campus Community, indicating that the presentation is the outcome of the SLU-Madrid Research Grant.

In evaluating the applications, the Committee will use the attached metrics. In the case of a decision between projects of equal quality, preference will be given to faculty members who have not previously held Summer Research Fellowships.