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Updated : 10-Jul-2019

Medical Insurance

Product:  Sanitas Multi – medical insurance where you can choose to be attended by over 25,000 doctors and 480 private clinics and hospitals within the Sanitas listing for Spain and with emergency coverage for trips overseas of up to 10,000 €. More information available at:
Eligibility: All employees on the payroll of Saint Louis University - Madrid Campus under 64 years of age, his/her spouse and children.
Price:  Please see Human Resources ( for price of Sanitas Multi. Additional dental coverage is available. Tax of the consortium for insurance compensation of 0.3% will be applied.
Special Note:  No grace period.
Preexisting conditions not covered.
Payment: Bank debit by Saint Louis University in Spain, S.A. within the first 5 days of each month.
Interested: Contact Human Resources to complete application and provide bank account information.  If you already have Sanitas Multi at a higher price, submit photocopies of your cards along with the application so that we can make the change.
More information: Contact Esther at our agents for Sanitas (Brosacor) at 91 405 73 98.