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Updated : 02-Jul-2021

Inviting a Guest Speaker

Saint Louis University Madrid Campus encouraged faculty to invite speakers to enhance the content of the courses taught on campus. In general, the Campus is able to offer a modest honorarium or funds toward reimbursement (commensurate with the speaker's credentials) to speakers. Faculty must consult with the appropriate Associate Academic Dean, Chairperson, or Program Director to determine amount to be paid an invited speaker.

Performance, Presentation and Speaker Policy: Saint Louis University - Madrid Campus conforms the University's Policy on Guest Speakers and Free Speech on Campus. The Campus reserves the right to review proposed programs and events which are funded in full or in part by University resources.

Examples of programs that the University would not approve would include those deemed to encourage, celebrate or glorify hatred, violence, abusive behavior, religious intolerance, irresponsible or illicit drug and alcohol use, and the objectification of human beings. Furthermore, the University will not approve any campus program which it determines cannot be held in a safe, orderly way, in adherence to its policies and procedures, and without significant interference to other University events or normal functions.

While acknowledging there may be approved programs which include critiques of Catholic teaching and/or of Saint Louis University, the University does not knowingly make available its facilities to individuals, organizations or businesses, whose activities will deride, mock or ridicule the Roman Catholic Church or the University's mission and values.

Prior to the event:

  • Submit an electronic requisition to the Chair or Program Director, stating the name of the speaker, affiliation, date of talk, and amount agreed upon (this is the gross amount to be spent, including any taxes). Include on the requisition form any amount over 10€ that you plan on spending, for example if you would like to invite the speaker to a meal.
  • Remind the speaker to bring his/her DNI or passport and receipts for reimbursement (the photocopies will be made in the Finance Office).
    Check with speaker about audio/visual needs, special needs, handouts.
  • Complete an Event Organization Form at least 2 weeks prior to the event; this form enables you to reserve spaces, request special IT needs, etc.
  • Send all information (date, time, location, title of the talk, speaker's name, speaker's title, and speaker's affiliation) to the Campus News weekly newsletter and to the Chair or Program Coordinator in order to publicize the guest lecture. Invite colleagues from your own and other academic units as well.
  • Provide the speaker with directions to campus and appoint a time/place for you to meet with him/her before the talk. Best meeting point is the lobby of Padre Arrupe Hall, as it is beside the Finance Office.
  • A day or two before the event, check in with Ignacio Espantaleon (in Finance) about reimbursing speaker for expenses.

Day of the event:

  • Meet speaker; whenever possible, introduce the speaker to other faculty, your Chair or Program Coordinator, and the Dean.
  • Request the speaker to GDPR release form so that Marketing can use images from the event for promotional purposes. Return this form to Marcom staff or send to
  • Either before or after the talk, stop by Finance Office for payment.
  • If you are inviting the speaker to a meal/coffee, keep any receipts and fill out an expense report.

Honoraria: When honoraria or a speaker fee is agreed upon, you will need to provide the full name, citizenship, DNI or passport number and full address of the guest speaker to the Finance Office. Please note that withholding taxes will be applied to the gross amount of this fee. (Currently 15% for residents and 25% for non-residents).

Expense Reimbursement: If, other than honoraria, you have agreed to cover the guest speakers travel and lodging expenses during his/her visit, please make sure to collect original receipts and list them on an Expense Report for presentation and reimbursement at the Finance Office.