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Updated : 07-Oct-2021

Sports & Well-Being

Saint Louis University - Madrid Campus organizes activities to promote physical exercise among its employees. Sports and exercise support an individual's physical and mental health, and regular physical activity reduces everyday stress and has long-term health benefits. 

The Madrid Campus currently offers 20 different athletics activities to its students, listed on the Campus Life website, many of which are available to employees: see Athletics.

Faculty and staff are encouraged to participate in campus-sponsored sporting activities. In addition, Sports Director César Rioja is available to connect employees with shared interests.

Employee sports activities and opportunities include:

  • Tennis: A ranking so that players can find others at their level to play matches with.
  • Nearby Gyms: Information about the special offers that gyms provide, including near campus for use during weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Running/Jogging: In addition to forming running groups-for those who find it more fun and motivating to run with others-the Madrid Campus organizes "5K Fun Runs" each semester. Employees are encouraged to participate as a group in local races, including the famous San Silvestre Vallecana on New Year's Eve.
  • Basketball, soccer, and volleyball: Games amongst ourselves as well as against the students!

For more information contact Student Life or César Rioja (