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Updated : 02-Jul-2021

Institutional Sponsorship of Scholarly Meetings and Conferences

Saint Louis University - Madrid Campus sponsors and co-sponsors academic events, such as conferences, symposia, and professional meetings. A faculty member requesting sponsorship for an academic event should submit the Sponsorship Application Form to his or her Chair or Program Coordinator three months prior to the date of the event. Upon the recommendation of the Chair or Program Coordinator, the sponsorship application is reviewed by the Associate Academic Deans, who recommend the level and type of resources available (funds, administrative support, facilities, etc.) to the Academic Dean.

If held on campus, the event must not interfere with, or divert space or other resources from, the scheduled programs and activities of the Madrid Campus. Furthermore, if the event takes place outside the normal open hours or involve services closed at the time the event, please note that costs may increase and services, therefore, may be limited. Faculty members organizing special events on campus are required to complete an "Events Organization" form, available online.

Upon approval, the faculty member is asked to work with the Director of Marketing and Communications to ensure that Saint Louis University - Madrid Campus is identified in publicity materials and in programs as a sponsor or co-sponsor; when appropriate, the Director of Marketing and Communications will provide the Saint Louis University logo following the guidelines set by the university. In addition, the event itself must be advertised on campus (including announcements in the Campus News electronic newsletter).

To publish information and images from the event, releases are required from participants. Speak to Marketing staff to ensure that conference registration procedures/forms include appropriate GDPR release information.

Saint Louis University - Madrid Campus reserves the right to review proposed programs and events which are sponsored by the University in any way. It also reserves the right to reject or alter programs and events that the University deems to be inconsistent with its values and mission.