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Updated : 28-Jun-2022

Statement of Philosophy

Mission of the University

The Nature and Purposes of the University

Statement of Philosophy

As a Catholic university sponsored by the Society of Jesus and dedicated to the Society's ideal of striving for academic excellence under the inspiration of the Christian faith, Saint Louis University recognizes the essential importance of the principle of academic freedom to its life as a community committed to the discovery and sharing of truth. In keeping with its Christian vision of the dignity of persons as created in the image of God and as united under the Creator's loving Providence, the University seeks to establish a collegial environment in which those of diverse cultural backgrounds and religious beliefs can participate in this community in a spirit of cooperation and mutual respect.

The Jesuit ideal of academic excellence is based on the conception of the person as a free and responsible agent capable of making a difference for good or ill in the world. Hence, Saint Louis University directs its educational efforts to help students develop as critically reflective and socially responsible persons capable of exercising leadership in advancing the cause of human good. It pursues this goal by providing an environment in which the intellectual, emotional, imaginative, technical, social, religious, and spiritual abilities of students are nurtured and strengthened.

The University's undergraduate curriculum involves the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and technology in a unified effort to challenge students to understand themselves, their world, and their relation to God; to make critically informed moral judgments; and to prepare intellectually and professionally for their chosen careers. It seeks to engender critical awareness of the present as rooted in the past and as moving toward a future in which the nations of the world have become more aware of their mutual interdependence. The curriculum seeks to prepare students for the responsibilities they will bear as citizens and leaders to work for peace and justice in communities characterized by political, economic, cultural, and religious diversity. Saint Louis University is committed to providing its students with opportunities for international and intercultural educational experiences that will enhance their abilities to act responsibly in this world order.

The University's commitment to academic excellence comes to full flower in its graduate programs and professional schools, which have a twofold purpose: to advance the frontiers of knowledge and technical expertise in their disciplines and professions, and to prepare students to make their own contributions to such advances while carrying out their responsibilities in an ethical and professional manner.

In keeping with the demands of Christian charity and with the Jesuit commitment to put knowledge to the service of humanity, Saint Louis University provides its students with opportunities to serve the disadvantaged. Its professional schools make their services available to those in need. Its hospitals and clinics are open to all regardless of race, color, or creed, and they recognize a responsibility to make special efforts to serve the poor, especially those of the St. Louis community.

Inspired by the Christian faith and dedicated to the Jesuit tradition of excellence in research and teaching, Saint Louis University strives to contribute to the building of a world that is at once more human and more divine.

- From The Faculty Manual (St.Louis Campus)