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Updated : 09-Jul-2020

SLU Cura Program

Saint Louis University is committed to being a caring community. That goal is represented by the initiative that it has named Cura, which is Latin for "care." It holds all employees to the highest ethical and professional standards. Each of us has a responsibility to foster a culture of understanding, respect and appreciation for the people with whom we work and interact, and to inspire a collaborative and collegial working, learning and social environment. Find out more about this University-wide program here.

The Cura program is a response to the SLU community's stated desire to build and sustain a positive workplace culture. If you have workplace concern or need immediate assistance, please reach out. For faculty and staff in Madrid, contact the Director of Human Resources at or call the employee hotline at 900-99-0011 and then enter 877-525-5669 when asked for the hotline number.