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Updated : 17-Aug-2021

Compliance, Safety and Prevention


Gender Equality Plan (Plan de Igualdad)

Summary (Resumen)

Full Report (Informe completo)

Labor Risk Prevention (Prevención Riesgos Laborales)

Criminal Compliance (Compliance Penal)

Contracts (Contratación)

Corruption Prevention (Prevención de Corrupción)

Internal Complaints (Denuncias Internas)

Workplace Harrassment Protocol (Prevención del Acoso)

Safety and Prevention

Emergency Evacuation Plan

Staff Emergency Guide

Emergencies and Safety on Campus

Clery Report

COVID-19 Employee Information

Guide to campus activity

The Saint Louis University Integrity Hotline is available as a confidential, toll-free resource for anyone with a concern regarding business, billing and/or ethical practices in his or her department. Anonymous or self-identified reports of any nature can be made to the Integrity Hotline by calling 900-99-0011 and dailing 877-525-5669 when asked for the "Hotline" number. Questions about the Integrity Hotline number may be directed to