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Updated : 15-Nov-2023

University Leadership

The leadership of Saint Louis University carries out its responsibilities guided by SLU's enduring Jesuit mission and Catholic values. With a focus on putting students and patients first, SLU's leaders are dedicated to the principles of shared governance and are committed to the careful and strategic stewardship of the University's resources.

Board of Trustees: Saint Louis University is governed by a board of trustees comprising business, civic and religious leaders, many of whom are SLU alumni. The board elects the president and is responsible for oversight and governance of the University.

University President: Accountable to the board of trustees, President Fred P. Pestello, Ph.D., is SLU's chief executive officer. He is responsible for advancing the University's mission of education, health care and service.

University Provost: Reporting directly to the president, Provost Michael Lewis, Ph.D., is SLU's chief academic officer. He is responsible for ensuring the excellence of teaching, scholarship and research at the University.

University Senior Administration: Saint Louis University's senior administration is comprised of leaders who oversee SLU's academic units and administrative divisions. These deans, vice presidents and other senior administrators work collaboratively to ensure that the University fosters a culture of excellence at every level.

Madrid Campus Director and Academic Dean: The Madrid Campus Academic Dean serves as the Director of "Saint Louis University in Spain, S.A." and is the chief executive officer and administrator for the unit.

Madrid Campus Division Directors: The Associate Academic Dean(s), the Director of Admissions, the Director of Finance and Operations and the Director of Student Affairs have executive responsibilities and collectively comprise the Madrid Campus Executive Staff.

Their areas of responsibility, as well as their collaborative relationships with parallel units on the St. Louis Campus, are outlined in the organizational chart.

Madrid Campus Leadership Committee: This committee is comprised of the Dean, the Associate Academic Dean(s), Academic Chairpersons, the Director of Admissions, the Director of Finance and Operations, the Director of Student Affairs, the Campus Chaplain, and the Presidents of the Faculty Academic Council, the Worker's Committee, and the Student Government Association.

The committee meets to discuss issues raised by any of its members, to review and provide advice on policies and activities, and to advance Saint Louis University - Madrid Campus and the mission of Saint Louis University.

Organizational Chart

Bylaws of the Madrid Campus Leadership Committee