Updated : 05-Sep-2017

2017, September 4

Known Issues After Migration to Office 365

ITS Madrid has received multiple queries related to Office 365. Please find below a list of known issues and corresponding advice from ITS Madrid:

  • Spam emails frequently delivered to users' Inbox:
    • Cause: the anti-spam filter in St. Louis is still being tweaked to function with Office 365.
    • Advice:
      • Pay particular attention when opening emails from unknown senders.
      • Do not click on suspicious links.
      • Mark spam emails as 'Junk.' Step-by-step instructions can be found here.
      • If you have any doubts regarding the authenticity of an email, contact ITS Madrid.

  • Trouble accessing Generic Email accounts:
    • Cause: the procedure for accessing generic email accounts in Office 365 is different.
    • Advice: review and follow the procedure detailed in this document.

  • Confusion between new Office 365 email address and SLU login username:
    • Cause: the new email address format is different from that of the SLU Net ID, thus causing confusion when some users try to log in.
    • Advice:
      • The SLU Net ID has not changed with the email migration. You always need to use you SLU Net ID to log in to SLU resources (including email).
      • Email addresses are different from your SLU Net ID generally follow the format firstname.primarylastname@slu.edu (with some exceptions). For example, your SLU Net ID may be jdoe1 and your email address john.doe@slu.edu
      • You cannot use your O365 email as username to log in to SLU online resources.
      • If you have trouble logging in to your O365 email, please consult the resources available on this page.

  • Long email addresses:
    • Cause: there is a high number of SLU Madrid users with two last names. When new accounts are created, the email system generates email addresses which automatically includes both last names.
    • Advice:
      • ITS Madrid requested that only the first last name (apellido) be used to create email addresses for all existing Madrid users prior to August 1st. Users whose SLU accounts were created past this date may have two last names in their email address.
      • If your email address is too long, please contact helpdesk@slu.edu and request that your email address be changed to your desired format.

For other queries regarding SLU Office 365 Email, please email support-madrid@slu.edu

Updated : 05-Sep-2017

2017, August 30

Log in To Faculty/Staff Web Pages: Updated Procedure


ITS Madrid has implemented an enhanced security system for the Faculty/Staff web pages.

Employees are now required to use their campus computer credentials in order to log in to the protected pages located at http://plantilla.madrid.slu.edu

If you have trouble accessing the Faculty/Staff web pages, please email support-madrid@slu.edu


El departamento TI implantado un mejor sistema de seguridad para las páginas web de Faculty/Staff.

Todos los empleados tienen que usar sus credenciales de los ordenadores de campus para acceder a las páginas protegidas ubicadas en http://plantilla.madrid.slu.edu

Si tiene problemas para acceder a las páginas Faculty/Staff, por favor envíe un correo a support-madrid@slu.edu

Updated : 05-Sep-2017

Archived IT Announcements -- 2016

Date Posted Title
2016, November 24: Faculty and Staff mailing lists issues -- UPDATED
2016, October 21: SLU users targeted by phishing attempt
2016, October 18: Very Important information regarding MFA
2016, October 17: Google Apps login page receives new look
2016, October 11: MFA Update #2 - Go live date change
2016, September 30: MFA Update #1 - SecureAuth app deployed at SLU Madrid
2016, September 26: Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) coming to SLU

Updated : 01-Sep-2017

2017, Sep 1

ITS Madrid Initiates Upgrade to Windows 10


ITS has started deploying Windows 10 to SLU Madrid campus computers.

Student lab computers will be the first to be migrated, and classroom computers will follow shortly.

Faculty and Staff computers will be upgraded in Spring/Summer 2018.


El departamento TI ha comenzado a actualizar los ordenadores del campus a Windows 10.

Se actualizarán primero los ordenadores de los computer labs y después se actualizarán los ordenadores de las aulas.

Los ordenadores de staff y faculty se actualizarán en primavera/verano del 2018.

Updated : 31-Aug-2017

2017, August 31

Migration to Office 365 Completed


The migration of SLU email and calendar from Google to Office 365 is now completed.

Links to Quick Steps, FAQs, and training can be found on this page.

All SLU users should have received an O365 survey via email from ITS Communications. We encourage Madrid users to complete this survey and provide feedback.


El proceso de migración del correo, los contactos y el calendario SLU, de Google a Office 365, ha sido completado.

En esta página encontrarán Guías rápidas, FAQs y otros links y tutoriales.

Todos los usuarios SLU han recibido una encuesta sobre Office365, enviada por correo electrónico por ITS Communications. Animamos a todos los usuarios a completar la encuesta y a enviar sus observaciones o sugerencias.

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