Updated : 07-Sep-2018


The University regards teaching as incomplete if it is limited to the classroom, lecture hall, or laboratory. All faculty members are expected to advise students about academic matters as a necessary supplement to classroom contact. For additional information, see Academic Advising.

In general, faculty, as advisors, are responsible for protecting and securing the integrity of the SLU degree by enforcing University and Madrid Campus academic policies and requirements. They should understand the curriculum and graduation requirements and effectively communicate them to students. Faculty must demonstrate profound respect for each individual student, and encourage him or her to develop skills that will lead to self-responsibility.

Faculty in their role as advisors must maintain confidentiality. They must not discuss a student's academic record or performance with non-University personnel (including parents) without the advisee's written permission.

All faculty must report information about any form of sexual misconduct (e.g. sexual assault, sexual harassment, stalking, domestic or dating violence) to SLU-Madrid's Deputy Title IX Coordinator and share the basic fact of the student's experience with her/her. The Title IX deputy coordinator will then be available to assist the student in understanding his/her options and connect the student with all possible resources on and off campus. Faculty should clarify to students, in such cases, that they are not a confidential source and inform them of the resources on campus, such as SLU-Madrid's Counseling Services. Please see our Safety and Security webpages, which publicize the University's and SLU-Madrid's sexual misconduct policies as well as others policies designed to ensure that SLU-Madrid provides a learning environment that is a safe one, free of bias, discrimination, and harassment.

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