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University Leadership

The leadership of Saint Louis University carries out its responsibilities guided by SLU's enduring Jesuit mission and Catholic values. With a focus on putting students and patients first, SLU's leaders are dedicated to the principles of shared governance, and are committed to the careful and strategic stewardship of the University's resources.

Board of Trustees

Saint Louis University is governed by a board of trustees comprising business, civic and religious leaders, many of whom are SLU alumni. The board elects the president and is responsible for oversight and governance of the University.

University President

Accountable to the board of trustees, University President Fred P. Pestello, Ph.D., is SLU's chief executive officer. He is responsible for advancing the University's mission of education, health care and service.

University Provost

Reporting directly to the president, Provost Nancy Brickhouse, Ph.D., is SLU's chief academic officer. She is responsible for ensuring the excellence of teaching, scholarship and research at the University.

Senior Administration

Saint Louis University's senior administration is comprised of University leaders who oversee SLU's academic units and administrative divisions. These deans, vice presidents and other senior administrators work collaboratively to ensure that the University fosters a culture of excellence at every level.

Madrid Campus Leadership

1.                   Dean

The Madrid Campus Dean serves as the Director of "Saint Louis University in Spain, S.A." and is the chief executive officer and administrator for the unit. S/he is appointed by the President after consultation with the Provost and faculty members. The procedures for the evaluation of the Dean are established by the Provost in consultation with Madrid Campus faculty and staff. See "Participation in the Selection and Evaluation of Administrators." Moreover, because it is important for academic administrators to continue developing their skills and abilities between formal evaluations, and because decanal evaluations typically cover multiple years, the Dean should establish means for obtaining timely feedback regarding his/her performance, such as seeking informal input from Chairpersons, Directors, and other faculty.

The Madrid Campus Dean is responsible to the Provost for leadership, planning, and administration of the Madrid Campus so as to fulfill the mission of the unit and of the University. As chief executive officer, the Dean executes University policies and procedures at the Madrid Campus. The Dean has the authority to make administrative decisions on matters that relate solely to the campus, except in those situations specifically reserved or allocated to the jurisdiction of the Provost or of University boards, committees, or offices. In establishing academic policy at the Madrid Campus, the Dean consults with Department Chairpersons or comparable administrators and with the faculty members in Madrid, particularly with the Madrid Faculty Senate.

The Dean is responsible for assuring that policies, faculty qualifications, and academic programs at the Madrid Campus are in compliance with the professional standards necessary for accreditation. The Dean is also responsible for negotiating and recommending approval of clinical affiliations, practica, and internship agreements. The Dean represents the Madrid Campus for development, public relations, and alumni activities.

In consultation with the appropriate faculty members, the Dean appoints search committees and recommends initial faculty appointments, promotion, leaves of absence, notices of intent not to renew appointments of faculty, and termination. Faculty and staff assignments and workloads are determined in accordance and comply with Spanish labor regulations for private universities in Spain. The Dean ensures that every faculty and staff member is annually evaluated.

The Dean promotes the professional development of the faculty and staff and is responsible for recommending merit salary increases and other compensation within the limits of available funds. The Dean is also responsible for recommending the appointments and renewal of appointments of Associate and Assistant Deans, Department Chairpersons or comparable administrators, and the administrative personnel at the Madrid Campus. When hiring for these positions, the Dean will consult with the affected faculty to the extent appropriate to the position.

The Dean is responsible for administering all academic aspects of the student programs at the Madrid Campus except those specifically within the jurisdiction of another College or School or of a University board, committee, or office. The Dean shall assure that academic advising is provided for all students. The Madrid Campus Dean is responsible for maintaining and implementing the standards for admission, transfer, and graduation established by the Schools and Colleges of Saint Louis University. The Dean has the authority to dismiss students who have failed to meet the academic or professional standards of the College or School. Concern for the welfare and academic progress of students is a serious obligation of the Dean.

The Dean consults with the Department Chairpersons or comparable administrators and with faculty on all major matters of policy at the Madrid Campus. The Dean informs them of decisions that have been made. The Dean is empowered to call meetings, to appoint committees, and to obtain information from University sources pertaining to the Madrid Campus and its students. Department Chairpersons or comparable administrators, faculty members, and other personnel in Madrid transmit through the Dean any proposals or recommendations forwarded to the Provost or to University committees, boards, or offices. The Dean represents the considered position of the members of the Madrid Campus to the University and to the community, and s/he represents the views of the Board of Trustees, the President of the University, and the Provost to the members of the Madrid Campus. The Dean mediates relationships among students, faculty, staff, and administrators.

The Dean is responsible for the preparation and administration of the Madrid Campus budget. In formulating the budget, the Dean reviews proposals and consults with the Campus' Leadership Committee comprised of the respective leaders of the major academic units, administrative areas and representative bodies in Madrid. After consultation, the Dean prepares the Madrid Campus budget for submission to the Provost. When the Dean receives the approved budget, it is conveyed to the Chairpersons and division directors for administration. The Dean supervises the expenditure of approved funds and has the authority to reallocate the approved funds, in consultation with the Department Chairpersons or the administrators of the affected Departments, from and to the various Departments in the best interests of the Madrid Campus. In cooperation with the Department Chairpersons and division directors, the Dean is responsible for the appropriate and productive use of building space.

2.      Division Directors

The Associate Academic Dean(s), the Director of Admissions, the Director of Finance and Operations and the Director of Student Life have executive responsibilities and collectively comprise the Madrid Campus Executive Staff.

Associate Academic Deans are appointed by the Academic Dean in consultation with the Provost and Madrid Campus faculty. Other Division Directors are appointed by the Director, with the approval of the Provost, in consultation with the University President and Madrid Campus faculty. See "Participation in the Selection and Evaluation of Administrators."

Their areas of responsibility, as well as their collaborative relationships with parallel units on the St. Louis Campus, are outlined in the organizational chart.

3.      Madrid Campus Leadership Committee

The Madrid Campus Leadership Committee is comprised of the Dean, the Associate Academic Dean(s), Academic Chairs, the Director of Admissions, the Director of Finance and Operations, the Director of Student Life, the Campus Chaplain, and the Presidents of the Faculty Academic Council, the Worker's Committee, and the Student Government Association.

The committee meets to discuss issues raised by any of its members, review policies and activities, and advances Saint Louis University - Madrid Campus and the mission of Saint Louis University.

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