Updated : 17-Jan-2018

Participation in Program Reviews

A program review is an evaluation of a program, a department, or a college, school, or library that is initiated by the appropriate chairperson, dean or comparable administrator.

Ordinarily, the purpose of a review is program improvement. Program reviews require the cooperative effort of the faculty and the administration. In particular, before a program review begins, notification of the purposes of the review is given to faculty members prior to its commencement.

Faculty members bear a substantial responsibility in the program review. An ad hoc committee of these faculty members prepares a self-study, using relevant standards for the evaluation. Following this internal procedure, evaluators external to the unit-whether faculty members or others from within or outside the University-may participate in the program review.

Prior to a review's submission to the appropriate chairperson, dean or administrator, a meaningful summary of the evaluation is made available to all faculty members, department chairpersons, and administrators affected by the evaluation. The program faculty, in turn, are afforded the opportunity to supplement or otherwise respond to the evaluation, and provisions are made for reflecting significant differences of opinion.

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