Updated : 28-Oct-2016

Participation in Evaluations for Accreditation

Accreditation is a joint enterprise between the University and the various accrediting commissions of regional or professional associations to evaluate a program, a Department, a School or College, or the entire University on a regular basis. Evaluations conducted as part of accreditation review require the cooperative effort of the faculty and the administration and, to a limited extent, the Board of Trustees.

The accrediting commission ordinarily establishes the contents, standards, and procedures for its evaluation. Generally, the primary responsibility for an evaluation rests with an ad hoc committee whose members include faculty members nominated by the Academic Dean in consultation with the Office of the Provost along with administrative and academic leadership in Madrid. Prior to its submission to the accrediting commission, a completed evaluation is made available for review and comment to all faculty members and administrators participating in the program(s) being evaluated. During a visit to the University by an accrediting commission, and if not prohibited by the rules of the accrediting commission, faculty members are given an opportunity to meet with the evaluators to discuss questions of concern, in a manner determined by the accrediting commission or by the program evaluators.

All faculty members and administrators participating in the program(s) evaluated are informed of the results and recommendations resulting from the evaluation, and are provided access to the full report in a timely manner.

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