Updated : 23-Nov-2015

Participation in the Evaluation of Administrators

A search committee is established to help the Board of Trustees or the appropriate administrator locate and interview candidates for senior-level administrative positions (e.g., Director, Academic Dean). When vacancies occur in the positions of other key administrators whose work substantially affects the academic and fiscal condition of the Madrid Campus, the counsel of the Faculty Senate Executive Committee will be solicited. Ordinarily, these positions are filled through a search. In those cases where such vacancies occur and it is necessary to appoint an interim officeholder, a search committee typically is appointed and a search process initiated at or near the same time that the interim appointment is made.

Faculty members form the majority of search committees for the position of Academic Dean or comparable administrator above department level. Faculty members of these search committees will be appointed in consultation with the faculty of the unit(s) concerned. For other administrative positions, the number of faculty members on the search committee will reflect the extent of faculty involvement with the position. When the position has Campus-wide responsibilities, faculty members of this committee will be appointed from a list of candidates recommended by the Faculty Senate Executive Committee.

Faculty members participate in the formal, ongoing evaluation of academic administrators. These evaluations help administrators to enhance their performance and are a significant factor in the decision to retain or terminate an administrator. The procedures for the evaluation of a Dean or comparable administrator are established by the Director in consultation with the faculty and the Provost. Moreover, because it is important for academic administrators to continue developing their skills and abilities between formal evaluations, and because decanal evaluations typically cover multiple years, Deans or comparable administrators will establish means for obtaining timely feedback regarding their performance, such as seeking informal input from Chairpersons, Directors, and the appropriate faculty. 

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