Updated : 07-Dec-2016

Shared Governance

The variety and complexity of the tasks performed by the University produce an inescapable interdependence among the Board of Trustees, the President, other members of the administration, faculty members, students, and the University staff. This interdependence calls for adequate communication among these groups, for appropriate joint planning and effort in a variety of forms, and for shared governance of the University. Shared governance means that important areas of action will involve, at one time or another, the initiating capacity and decision-making participation of each of the institutional components. Differences in the weight of each voice, from one point to the next, will be determined by reference to the relative responsibility of each component for the particular matter at hand.

All faculty members deliver courses and follow curricula approved by the Academic Departments located in the St. Louis Campus. Associate Deans, Chairpersons and Program Directors in Madrid ensure that faculty members in Madrid participate in the academic initiatives that impact the Madrid Campus (change in curricula, assessment) and foster a professional relationship across campuses.

All faculty members share in the responsibility for setting the academic requirements for the degrees offered by the University; determining the contents of University courses and the methods of instruction to be used; recommending the specific individuals who will be granted earned degrees; and recommending faculty appointments.

The faculty also have a major role in establishing or modifying general policies that affect the academic mission of the University. On these matters, the views of faculty members will be solicited before action is taken.

The University recognizes the value of participation by faculty members in developing budgets. In formulating the budget for the Madrid Campus, the Director consults with the Associate Academic Deans, Chairs, and the Faculty Senate, taking into account the financial needs and recommendations established by academic units and committees.

At the Madrid Campus, both all-faculty meetings convened by the Academic Dean and meetings convened by Chairpersons and Program Directors offer an important forum for faculty discussion and participation. Here faculty members have the responsibility to develop the aims of the Madrid Campus, to devise means by which the aims will be accomplished by the Academic Dean, the Chairperson or the Program Director and by the entire Campus, to address the concerns of the faculty members, and to oversee the results of their efforts and the execution of their decisions.

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