Updated : 20-Aug-2013

Professional Activities

When speaking or writing simply as citizens, all faculty members are free from institutional censorship, but their special positions as, simultaneously, citizens, members of disciplines or professions, and officers of instruction of the Madrid Campus impose special obligations. As persons of learning and representatives of the Madrid Campus, faculty members should remember that the public may judge their disciplines or professions, or the Madrid Campus itself, by their conduct. Hence, they should always attempt to be accurate, should exercise appropriate restraint, should show respect for the opinions of others, and should particularly make it clear, whenever circumstances might indicate otherwise, when they are not representing the University.

No faculty member, in any opinion or certification that is to be used for commercial advertising or promotion of any product, service, or business organization, may use the official title of the University or any of its parts, or refer to his/her professional connection with the Madrid Campus, without recommendation of the Director and Academic Dean.

Faculty members soliciting gifts on behalf of the Madrid Campus must follow the policies set by the Director and Academic Dean. All grants and contracts awarded to faculty members must be processed through the Director and Academic Dean, and those with grant and/or contract funding must follow the guidelines of the Finance Office when reporting grant and contract fund expenditures.

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