Updated : 17-Jan-2018


The Madrid Campus recognizes the value of shared governance and is committed to fostering a collaborative community that works towards fulfilling the University's corporate purpose of teaching, research, health care and service to the community. Full-time faculty members are expected to serve on the appropriate committees of their academic unit, the Campus, and the University, to participate in academic planning and formulation of Madrid Campus policies, and to support effective administration of Madrid Campus academic programs.

In their capacity as citizens of the University, all faculty members are expected to participate in the functional and ceremonial life of the institution. This includes, but is not limited to, service on academic and non-academic Madrid Campus advisory and disciplinary boards and attendance at commencement events. All faculty members are also expected to demonstrate the qualities of collegiality, such as the ability to work cooperatively and professionally with others, in all aspects of academic life.

The University mission encompasses service to the community around it. All Madrid Campus faculty members are therefore encouraged to participate in community projects and organizations, helping to carry out the programs of community service that are appropriate to the mission of the University and the professional identity of the faculty member.

Higher purpose. Greater good.
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