Updated : 17-Jan-2018

Research and Scholarly Activity

Each full-time faculty member shares with the entire University the responsibility for discovering, exploring, and communicating new knowledge. Research and scholarly activity are also essential for reinforcing and vitalizing teaching. Research expectations are established by the faculty member's Chairperson or Program Director and are subject to review by the Academic Dean.

Part-time faculty are responsible for the delivery of the courses they are contracted to teach and for maintaining professional qualifications and knowledge required to teach these classes; they are not required to meet research expectations for full-time faculty. As part-time faculty often establish a long-term relationship with the Madrid Campus, the Madrid Campus endeavors to support them in their research and professional development. They have the right to identify their institutional affiliation with the Madrid Campus and are required only to do so if their particular research project has been funded by the Madrid Campus.

High standards of personal conduct are demanded in order to meet the mission of the University. Each faculty member must avoid fraud and other misconduct in research, including fabrication or other falsification of data, plagiarism, and deliberate and knowing failure to comply with Spanish or University regulations governing the conduct of research, and other practices that seriously deviate from those that are commonly accepted within the academic community for proposing, conducting, or reporting research. However, honest error or honest, good-faith differences in interpretations or evaluations of data do not constitute misconduct. In furtherance of these principles, the University has adopted a Research Integrity Policy, which is available on the website of the Office of Research Services Administration.

Each member of the University community also has an obligation to act in the best interest of the University and must not let outside activities or outside financial interests and relationships interfere with his/her obligation to avoid or effectively manage potential, apparent, and actual conflicts of interests in funded research. Additionally, all labor charged to sponsored programs must be reasonable and reflect actual work performed. Any changes in actual effort must be reported when it differs significantly from the individual's planned effort. In furtherance of these principles, the University has adopted its Policy on Conflict of Interest and Effort-Reporting Policy, both of which are available on the site of the Office of Research Services Administration.

Finally, faculty engaged in research and scholarly activity are advised to consult the policies that appear on the website of the Office of Research Services Administration.

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