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An individual's instructional responsibilities may vary across the academic units and may change over time, depending on need and the individual's research and service assignments and achievements. Specific teaching assignments and class times for all faculty are set by the Associate Academic Deans, Chairs and Program Directors, and are subject to review by the Academic Dean.

In general, full-time faculty teach six courses per fiscal year, distributed across Summer Session II, Fall, Spring, and Summer Session I (July 1-June 30), in consultation with their Chair or Program Director. If a course is cancelled during a specific term for any reason (e.g. low enrollment, changes in curriculum), the faculty member is still required to fulfill his or her teaching responsibilities. Full-time faculty who teach beyond their six-course load receive compensation as determined by the appropriate Associate Academic Dean or Chair in consultation with the Academic Dean.

Part-time faculty teaching at the Madrid Campus are assigned courses by their Chair or Program Director, in consultation with the appropriate Associate Academic Dean, and as determined by their individual contracts with the Madrid Campus.

An essential responsibility of a faculty member with a teaching assignment is to conduct scheduled classes to the best of his/her ability. Absences for foreseen reasons, such as attendance at an academic conference, must be approved in advance by the Chair or Program Director. When a faculty member cannot conduct a class for unforeseen reasons, such as illness, accident, or other emergencies, s/he must inform the Chair or Program Director, the Office of Student and the Office of the Registrar, and, if possible, email the students directly. In such cases, the faculty member must make appropriate arrangements for providing students with the content and experiences of the missed classes.

It is the duty of each faculty member to know and follow the academic regulations of the Madrid Campus and the academic regulations and procedures established by his/her academic unit, available in writing from the Chairperson or Program Director and the Academic Dean. In addition, each faculty member is expected to know and follow the grading system of the Saint Louis University College or School in which the course is offered. It is the responsibility of the faculty member to determine when course requirements have been met and what grades will be assigned to individual students, in accordance with the grading policies of the University.

Failure to comply with the deadlines for submitting grades may seriously inconvenience students and substantially add to the workload of Madrid Campus staff members. Therefore, only very serious reasons and the permission of the Academic Dean excuse a faculty member from the obligation to submit grades by the designated deadlines.

Because of the occasional need to recheck student performance, faculty members must retain records of student grades for at least three years and sets of final examination papers, and other critical graded assignments, for at least six months after the end of a course.

In the classroom and in student advising, faculty members should encourage free discussion, inquiry, and expression. They must allow students to take reasoned exception to the data or views they present and to reserve judgment about matters of opinion, although they must hold students responsible for learning the content of the courses in which the students are enrolled and they must evaluate student performance on academic grounds. Faculty members must not make prejudiced or capricious academic evaluations of students, and it is the responsibility of the Chair or Program Director and of the Academic Dean, to uphold this standard.

Faculty members may provide assessment of the ability and potential of an individual student, normally with the student's knowledge and consent. It is a violation of professional ethics to disclose information about a student's views, beliefs, or political associations without prior consent.

Faculty members are expected to follow the applicable University policies as well as all Spanish laws regarding confidentiality of student records (which exceed many of the requirements expressed in the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 [FERPA] as amended). They are also expected to follow University policies to reporting crimes or incidents of sexual misconduct.

Review of Teaching Responsibilities

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