Updated : 07-Feb-2019

Life Insurance

All Saint Louis University – Madrid Campus employees have been enrolled, at University expense, in a collective life insurance policy.

Some specifics:

Coverage: Accidental death, disability and medical expenses.
Amount:  10,000 € in case of death, natural or accidental, as well as 10,000 € in case of permanent disability (valid only until the year in which the employee turns 65 years of age).
Benefactor/s: In case of death, according to following order: spouse, surviving children, parents, legal heirs.
  • The Office of Human Resources has an individual insurance certificate for each employee on file. 
  • This coverage will be automatically renewed annually, unless the University should decide to terminate the policy, in which case all employees will be so informed at least three months prior to the termination date.

If an employee is interested in increasing his or her total amount of coverage, please contact the Office of Human Resources for information about the cost and the process to be followed to reimburse the University.

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